TMR Wagon

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A mixing tank equipped with cutter knives where the fodder and/or silage is chopped and mixed with other products by means of auger equipped with sharp, pointed knives.

A weighing system for measuring out the various products to be loaded and mixed.

Feeding gate that consists of central opening located on the side of the machine.Delivery gate is controlled by hydraulic lever to distribute the well mixed fodder to cattle.

A gearbox for changing the revolutions of the auger necessary for the various mixtures with protection against entanglements on the power takeoff, which receives the movement by means of the cardan shaft connected to the tractor PTO.

A ladder or platform for inspecting the mixing tank from above.

A hood that encloses the hydraulic and electric systems.

This machine is designed and built for professional use in dairy. Its use is intended exclusively for the mixing of animal feed and the distributing of fodder.

  • Cutter + Mixer + Feeder all in one. No need to pre-cut rough ages.
  • Can mix small or large quantities. Other types of mixers need to be full to get a proper mix.
  • Can mix high percentages of grasses.
  • Can mix small amount of concentrates or licks.
  • Low maintenance – No sprockets & Chains.
  • A planetary gear box Italian origin with an oil temperature check level.
  • Scaling device which calculate the material weights & TMR (Total Mixed Ration) calculate.
  • Wearing parts – only cutter blades.
  • Reduced sorting.
  • Increased rumen activity.
  • Reduction nutritional disorders.


Machine Weight (kg) 1780
Drawbar Capacity (kg) 1500
Max. Capacity (kg) 1500
Total Weight (kg) 3280
Axle Capacity (kg) 5700
Power Required (HP) 40
A 3703.93
B 3308.62
C 399.31
D 820
Wheels 11.5/80 R15.3 (12 PR)
E 1422.58
F 525.54
G 2772.74
H 2345.62
I 676.01
L 1700
M 1694.53
N 1397.67
P 435.57
R (Wheels with Iron) 2178.79

* The Company reserves absolute rights to modify the specifications of machine and components therein without any prior notice.