Krishi Udan – Adding wings to our farmer’s dreams

Shaktiman have been at the forefront in making agriculture more economical for our farmers who work tirelessly day and night to feed us. In our quest to not only equip our farmers with world class farm technology but also to proving them hands-on training, we established “Krishi Udan”, training cum exhibition center at Uruli Kanchan near Pune, Maharashtra.

The center exhibits all our products in a state-of-the-art facility and also provide free training to farmers and technicians right from seedbed preparation to post harvesting besides sales and after sales service. The center aims to motivate small and marginal farmer to use modern technology in farming on a large scale.

The center aims to provide solutions posed by the challenges of Indian farming like uncertain weather conditions, non-availability of labour, lack of adequate information and access to farm technology by farmers. Majority of our farmers are not aware of the new concepts of farm mechanization. The main objective of Krishi Udan is to create awareness by way of exhibiting the equipment and imparting by way of audio-visual aids.

We organize 2 visits/week for farmers. Each visit is participated by approx. 50 farmers. An average of 8-10 farmers visit Krishi Udan for getting information about our products, services and newly launched schemes. We have made it compulsory for our distributors in the state of Maharashtra to organize farmer visits at Krishi Udan. We have successfully reached to 58 farmer visit at the center. Beside organizing farmer visits and providing them training, we also organize on-site live demonstrations of our products so that the farmers is well-equipped with all the needful information and mechanism of the product before buying.

We also organize institutional visits at our Krishi Udan Center to impart technical knowledge and product information to university students pursuing higher education in the same field.

Krishi Udan at Pune has delivered phenomenal results till now and have motivated us to establish such centers all over India. This will give opportunity to millions of farmers to access the information about new farm technologies and receive hands-on training for the same.