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“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieve the impossible”. The quote clearly underlines the passion of a common farmer who had a dream of transforming his life. We all dream but there are very few who work hard to shape their dreams into reality. Satish is among those few who took […]

Krishi Udan – Adding wings to our farmer’s dreams

Shaktiman have been at the forefront in making agriculture more economical for our farmers who work tirelessly day and night to feed us. In our quest to not only equip our farmers with world class farm technology but also to proving them hands-on training, we established “Krishi Udan”, training cum exhibition center at Uruli Kanchan […]

Transforming Agriculture And Empowering Farmers

India has a unique and compelling opportunity! Given the spirit of our entrepreneurial farmers, the scientific talent in our agriculture industry, and the second-largest farming acres globally, if we can increase crop yields through technologically driven agricultural farm solutions, we can achieve food security domestically and be a positive contributor to helping meet the world’s […]