Award for TPM Excellence

Award Ceremony on :- 23 March 2017
Award Given By :- JIPM (Japan institute of plant maintenance )
Award Taken Place :- Kyoto International Conference Center Kyoto, JAPAN
Award Taken by at Japan :- Mr.Ashwin Gohil (Chairman)
Criteria of Award :- Award for TPM Excellence, Category A

  • We have minimum of 3 years or more of achievement activity after the introduction of TPM.
  • We have deployed activity based on 8 pillars of TPM by all staff members of the plants/factories (individual improvement; autonomous maintenance; planned maintenance; initial management; quality maintenance; administrative and supervisory department; education and development; safety, sanitation and environment control).
  • We have completed Step 4 for autonomous maintenance activity.
  • We have completed infrastructure development for TPM activity with both tangible and intangible achievements obtained.

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