Protektor 600

  • Protektor 600 - Boom Sprayer Protektor 600 - Boom Sprayer
  • Protektor 600 - Boom Sprayer Protektor 600 - Boom Sprayer
  • Protektor 600 - Boom Sprayer Protektor 600 - Boom Sprayer
  • Protektor 600 - Boom Sprayer Protektor 600 - Boom Sprayer

SHAKTIMAN PROTEKTOR is especially designed for wider range and coverage of crops to spray all types of pesticides, weedicides and fungicides.

High ground clearance ensures no damage for tall ground crops like Cotton, Sunflower, Paddy, Chilli etc.

Its compact design, hydrostatic and hydraulic system enable it to perform spraying operation easily and effectively.

Remarkable flexibility of the machine is well suited to cater all needs of end user.

It is equipped with 2 way triple action nozzles with extra mileage of ceramic discs that blast the spray into low micron droplet size, assuring appropriate penetration into crops and saving of chemicals.

  • Wider boom length span ensures extensive coverage
  • High ground clearance saves tall crops like Cotton, Paddy, Chilli etc. against damage while spraying
  • Equipped with efficient Nozzles for deep penetration of pesticides and top to bottom leaf surface coverage
  • Spray more acres in reduced time

Machine Dimensions*
Overall Length (mm) 3550
Overall Width (mm) 1750
Overall Height (mm) 2720
Wheelbase (mm) 1570
Tread (mm) 1535
Effective Ground Clearance (mm) 1080 (Axle housing)
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 1040
Type Water-cooled 4-cycle,
3-cylinder standing diesel engine
Rated Output (kW(PS)/rpm) 16.5(22.4)/3000
Starting Method Key starter (Battery 12 V DC)
Fuel tank
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 20
Transmissions Details
Type 4WD.4WS
Steering System Full hydraulic power steering
Gear Shifting Hydro Static Transmission system
(For variable shift and reverse
forward movement), 2 shift gears
Traveling Speed (km/h) Traveling: 0-10 / Spraying: 0-5.0
Brake (also used as parking brake) Wet, multi-disk, mechanical type
Tyres (front/rear) 120/90-26 4PR (Air pressure: 240 kpa)
Tyre OD (mm) 940
Tyre Width (mm) 123
Weight Dry. (Kg/lbs) 995 / 2194
Pesticides or Chemical Holding tank
Pesticides or Chemical
Holding Tank Capacity (Ltr.)
600/400 ltr. (Optional)
Agitation Method Jet Agitation
Spray Pump
Type 3 Piston Diaphragm Pump
Pump Revolution (rpm) 540
Suction Capacity (L/min) 54
Max. Pressure (Mpa/psi) 4/580
Height adjustable pesticides or chemicals control unit
Height Adjustable Pesticides or
Chemicals Control Unit
Both Swivelling booms
opened/closed, individually
Nozzle Type 2 way Triple Action
Nozzle Discs Ceramic 80° Hollow Cone &
110°Flat Fan (Both)
Nozzle Discs Changeable (As require)
Number of Nozzles 16 (6+4+6)
Number of Divisions 3
Spray Width (Meter) 7.8
Ground Clearance of Nozzle (mm) 550 (min), 1800 (max)

* The Company reserves absolute rights to modify the specifications of machine and components therein without any prior notice.